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Welcome to John de Lancie’s website

Welcome to the official website of John de Lancie !
We are working on the website right now.
Please make sure to check back again in a few days.
In the meantime you can read more about John at the following websites:

John de Lancie at Wikipedia
John de Lancie at
John de Lancie at the Internet Movie Database
John De Lancie Interview at

All these space shows. It's like a fantasy draft: @johndelancie or @RobertPicardo or @gates_mcfadden?
13 hours ago from Twitter Lite
@Sethisto_EQD Just blame it on @johndelancie when you do. ;p
13 hours ago from Twitter Web Client
TheMemeCheetahSkye Gray
@AronEisenberg @ScottBakula I asked @johndelancie to Q us out of this mess. He declined and said he has plans for us. GULP! ???
20 hours ago from Twitter for iPhone
ConcertCruizerThe Concert Cruizer
@CathyWeseluck Turns out my friend Lyle Gilpatrick was there. He was in @johndelancie #Brony movie. He was the litt…
2 days ago from Twitter for iPhone