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Welcome to the official website of John de Lancie ! We are working on the website right now. Please make sure to check back again in a few days. In the meantime you can read more about John at the following websites: John de Lancie at Wikipedia John de Lancie at TV.com John de Lancie at the Internet Movie Database John De Lancie Interview at AMCtv.com

John de Lancie’s appearances on Breaking Bad

John de Lancie played the air-traffic controller Donald Margolis, who is Jane Margolis’s father on Breaking Bad. Appearances Season 2 “Over“ “Phoenix“ “ABQ“ Season 3 “No Más“  

World premiere of “Recreator”

The creators of the film “Recreator” announced two more screenings of the movie following its Aug. 19 world premiere at The Wild Center. “Recreator” was filmed in and around Tupper Lake last fall by writer, director and producer Gregory Orr and his crew. The Wild Center screening, which is going to benefit Adirondack Residents Intent on Saving Their Economy, is nearly sold out, Orr said, and they are considering a second screening that night if there is enough demand. The movie will be shown at the State Theater on Park Street in Tupper Lake on Aug. 20. “I’m so ...


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