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15 Comments to “Contact”

  1. Lee Stamp says:

    I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but what I would like to say first is that I can’t speak for everyone…. By now I’m sure you are sick of hearing people shout out “Hey Q snap your finger for me and”……. Well there is a long list of things people have said. I say if you are feeling that way then I can fully understand…. I truly believe that you was not brought in to do a show enough… You were in a small handful of TNG… Some on Voyager… And hardly none on Deep Space Nine….. Not sure why you were not asked to be more a part of the show… It would have been nice to see you poke your head in a few of those “Enterprise” Episodes….but was disappointed to not see you in them maybe it was all by choice…. It does not matter I truly don’t think people appreciate the “True” impact you
    Brought to the table… I give massive credit to all those involved on camera and behind camera…. But John you brought something to all those shows that no one else ever could and I mean ever!!!…. The reason as a young man I even wanted to see Star Trek the next generation was to see if it was another episode with the powerful “Q”… And to see what new tricks he had up his sleeve and harass the crew in a funny twisted way….. In more ways then none if it wasn’t for you…. I truly don’t think I would be a Trek fan…. The first villain that comes to mind when I think of Star Trek is not the Romulans….or the Ferengi…. Or even the powerful Borg…. No none of those (although great villains) the only one I wish to care to see is the character you played John and that’s Q… You deserve more recognition then what has been given…. I just wish there would have been more of you to see… regardless of if it was because you did not want to commit yourself or they claimed the could not pencil you in ( I doubt that to be true I am sure they could have). It does not matter weather it was one episode or all of them… I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart…. I truly believe because of your character role people were drown into Star Trek….. No I’m not give you all the credit but you deserve more then people have offered…. If I had a chance to talk to you or Patrick Stewart or you…. I would be more interested in seeing you I would be star Struck as they like to say and I’m almost 40!!!! Yes I’m still young I’m a fan of all of them but you John would be the first one on my list. Thank you my Son and my grandson yes I’m sure grandfather at 39!!!!! Little tike just turned 5…. They both like you… Yes my silly old grandson says “Grandpa”? How come you don’t have nice hair like that guy”(he is pointing to you on a voyager episode)…. Those are the reasons John I admire the impact you still have all these years later. You still got it.

  2. steven huckle says:

    Steven Huckle
    4 Ely way Skegness
    Pe25 1fe
    Dear john
    Hello I really hope its okay for me to get in touch with you by a letter thanking you for taking the time to read this. It is much Appreciated I have become very Interested in your programme I find it amazing the projects you under take and the amazing results you get. I my self am Disabled with Muscular Dystrophy and 6 years ago I fell and broke my back so I have been confined to my wheelchair ever since. So I am mostly confined to my home where my parents look after me since this has over taken my life. I have collecting signed Autographs of famous people and wondered if you would be so kind as to get me a picture of your self with autographs on this will really make me happy to receive this.
    Thank you Steven Huckle

  3. Stephanie says:

    I have a photo to send you from the Wrap Party we had at the train station in LA (’93 or ’94). It’s of you and Majel standing outside the venue and I thought you may want a copy of it (I was there because worked on TNG). If so, give me a shout. Sorry, I didn’t know how else to contact you. I hope you’re doing well.

  4. Eric Shields says:

    Mr. de Lancie. I am interested in talking with you in reference to appearing at the inaugural Keystone State Pop Culture Con to be held in Johnstown, PA on August 19th & 20th, 2017.

    If you could please email or call me at 814-502-0864.

    Eric Shields

  5. Elise nichter says:

    I am Elise nichter and I really love your character discord so much and I hope you will be happy about it,also I have fan arts of you

  6. Eddie Parisi says:

    I used to watch you as Eugene on Days Of Our Lives when I was a child. Mom would watch it and plop me on the floor. I always loved how wacky you were as the crackpot inventor,and then I rediscovered you on Star Trek. I was really young, but I believe they wrote you out of the show in some kind of time machine plot. I liked how you reappeared in the 24th Century. You are a true talent.

  7. Dana Sansom says:

    Had I been lucky enough to have had a son, his middle name would have been ‘Q’.
    Spock was a close ‘second’, but you were the coolest!
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Hi, A Q uestion: I may drive an Audi Q5 in future. Therefore I possibly want to construct a sticker onto the boot to show the character Q. I found a nice picture out of Startrek. But I need to alter it a bit to have the white colour changed into transparent. Therefore is a copyright authorisation required. Where can I get it from? Who would be the appropriate partner for such a request? Thx……

  9. Margaret says:

    Dear Mr. deLancie,

    My grandaughter, who will be turning 13 on February 3rd, is very aware that your birthday is coming up in about 3 months. You are her hero. Elise is autistic, and has a natural ability for drawing cartoon people and writing stories to go with her drawings. She is very aware of you, and all of your many talents, and admires them very much. Please watch the birthday message she has for you on YouTube, and if you could find the time, a message from you to her would be so awesome, you would really make a little girl’s dream come true. She does not have an email, but if you send it to mine, Grandma will make sure she gets it. Here is the link: , and from all of us, we wish you a very Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  10. David Adas says:

    I’m a huge fan of yours. I’ve followed you through TNG, and Voyager.

  11. Mr Delancie –

    I just wanted to say Merry Christmas, and thank you for the entertainment. You’ve changed my life.

    – Q aka Brian Scott Gregory

  12. ALAN RAYMOND says:

    Dear John,

    We met in Tucson when we worked on Legends of the West, I am in the initial stage of putting together a charity benefit, the Festival of Oral Literature and Music, which traces the evolution of story telling from the Aboriginal, to Classic, to Medieval, to Modern, in Mt. Tamborine, Australia, 3/27/18 – 4/1/18. The Mt. Tamborine Festival of Oral Literature and Music, backed by the Mt. Tamborine Symphony Orchestra – Chorus and the Gold Coast Symphony Orchestra and Chorus to benefit such as the Parkinson’s foundation. Could you be available for a guest appearance and or a story narration?


  13. Alexander Dufrene says:

    Hello Mr. de Lancie. In my childhood, I came across you in both My Little Pony as Discord, and then in Star Trek as Q. And now, I am writing a research paper into the My Little Pony side of things. What I am currently writing about is how such a show can teach children how to be human, considering the fact that there are no human characters (barring the movies). I hope that you will respond to this, as it would be interesting to hear from the perspective of someone who actually works in the show.

  14. Audrey says:

    Hi 🙂 I’ve been watching BronyCons on Youtube and I’d really like to know about the debate that was discussed at BronyCon 2015. Someone asked if you’d seen the debate yesterday and you said ‘They’re not on your ( Bronies ) side. I’m really curious to know who ‘they’ are? Because I’m a Brony! My little girl and I love MLP and I’m thrilled to rediscover Q. She really doesn’t want to see Discord in real life, it would take the magic away for her, but I’m so looking forward to watching Star Trek with her in future years ( she’s only 6 ). Best wishes, looking forward to more Discord too xx

  15. LWayne says:

    Mr. De Lancie

    Your father, an accomplished and world respected Oboist, served in WWII and spoke with Richard Strauss while in Southern Germany about if he ever expected to write an Oboe Concerto. Mr. Strauss answered no, but did come out with one later. Strauss made sure the rights to the US premiere were assigned to your father, John. However, since John was a junior member of the Philadelphia Orchestra, by protocol he was not able to perform instead yielding to the principal oboist, Mr. Tabuteau. Fast forward to today, with Ricardo Pazo, an Oboe Professor in Superior Conservatory of Vigo in Spain writing a Thesis about Richard Strauss’ Oboe Concerto. Mr. Pazo contacted the 103d Infantry Division WWII Association requesting information about your father, however we have no record of the late John De Lancie serving with the 103d. We do know that he was an oboist with the US Army Band during WWII. Mr. Pazo wrote to seek information about your father’s relationship with Mr. Strauss and would appreciate any information you might be willing to provide regarding this matter. His email address is I know this would be of immense help to Mr. Pazo and certainly a fitting tribute to the great work of your father as an oboe virtuoso. With deep honor and respect. Larry

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