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54 Comments to “Contact”

  1. nicole kellar says:

    Hey! I met you in chicago but did not get to talk much to you. I was wondering what your next convention will be? I go to several a year (that aren’t based entirely around star trek) and I would love the chance to talk to you longer than the time it takes to snap a pic! We also have a local convention and I wanted information on your rates to come to that. Thank you!

  2. Jane Gravelle says:

    Wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was meeting you this past weekend (September 10) in Chicago. I was star struck and everything I said seemed to come out wrong. I hope you understood, and I didn’t completely insult you! if so, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. My son and I found you quite interesting, and loved hearing about YOU more than (creepy) Q. That said, you played him perfectly which shows your talent!

    Best wishes!

  3. Sarah says:

    Dear Mr. de Lancie,

    I’ve always been a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Q was without a doubt one of the best characters on the show.

    I recently found a copy of the script for “Q Who” with your signature on it at a garage sale. Did you ever sign a Q Who script? I’d love to get this verified, since I want to frame and display it. It’s one of my favorite possessions.

    I hope to hear from you or someone on your team!

    Thank you!

  4. Antonio Marcelo Oliveira says:

    Dear Sir John de Lancie

    I am very interested in buying a ring like the one you used in the episode “Hide and Q”. I made several searches on the Internet and found a few pictures, but I can not see the details to send to or even find out who sale.

    Can you please help me? Ring information or a good quality image would be very useful.

    Obviously, I am a big fan of star trek. I appreciate your work as an actor in space in the future, or present on land playing other characters.

    Forgive any grammatical error. I write with help of Google.

    Thanks for the opportunity to connect.

    I await your reply.

    Marcelo, a fan in Sao Paulo, Brazil (living clime of the Olympic Games).

  5. Jessica Kleman says:

    I was reflecting on your character Q, and my joy in knowing you were related to my violin teacher: Marjorie Mosiman.
    As Jessica Reich, I was her student for 13 years until I graduated in 2000 and can’t think of a better teacher.

    My dad (Dave)and I used to watch Star Trek frequently (In fact, I’m watching re-runs currently at work).

    How could I go about getting a signed autograph for my dad and myself?

    Thank you for everything you do and please send my thoughts of Marjorie to the family.

  6. David Craft says:

    would it be possible to request a few of your books to share in our prison outreach to bless the lives of those in need that don’t have a means or family and make very little in the system for fine literature I also teach a literary writing class in prisons of Arkansas Texas and Illinois Ive been saved five years and attend elevate church In Morton Illinois?Or possibly a autographed picture

  7. The Doctor says:

    Mr. de Lancie,

    i know your father talked french so i would like
    to know if you also talk french. “de Lancie” familly
    name is from Lancie in Rhone-Alps?

    Time pass so fast since i watched you
    in ST:TNG as Q that i didn’t even recognize
    you in Torchwood. You’re still a very good
    actor John 🙂 Would like to see you in Doctor Who
    with Peter Capaldi. “Rhétorique” could be great
    with him as Patrick Steward & you got in ST.

  8. Kate Hufnagel says:

    I heard your speech at Reason Rally yesterday. It was by far the best presentation of the day. You delivered it with humor, analysis, passion, power, self-deprecation, vision and hope. I look forward to hearing it again online. Well Done, Sir!


    ps. I am trained in Rhetorical Analysis and used to teach Public Speaking.

  9. Andrew Thurlow says:

    Dear Mr de Lancie

    I wish you could return as Q and make the Next Gen movie that was never made. A rough skeleton of an idea-

    The Delta Quadrant (Stardate – TNG Season 01)

    Open with Borg Cube intercepting transmission from Borg vessel that was destroyed 300 years earlier by Enterprise NX-01 after it left the Arctic circle.

    The Neutral Zone:

    Borg vessel sets course to location of transmission to investigate, during course of investigation Borg Vessel discovers and destroys the Outposts along the Romulan and Federation borders.

    Enterprise distracted from discovering cause of Outposts destruction by Romulan cooperation issues after first meeting them after umpteen years (and the carnage caused after last meeting). Cause of outpost destruction not discovered.

    Sector 001 (Stardate TNG Season 03/04)
    Unprepared, The Federation and Starfleet are left decimated when The Borg attack (already aware of the Federation existence from the attacks on the Neutral Zone outposts, they were already coming). With billions dead and /or assimilated. Surviving remnants (Battlestar Galactica type ragtag fleet) doing the El Aurian survival and rebuild (on a distant planet), struggle to make ends meet etc…. bleak future etc. Enterprise D is gone, but Crew survived (of course). Picard has not been assimilated as his usefulness was not known to the Borg.

    The Q Continuum – Q decides to attempts to prevent the catastrophic disaster by intervening. Q is not authorised by the Continuum to interfere and gets kicked out. Although Q would never admit it, his interest in The Federation is because they are actually the best hope from an evolutionary perspective, and his interest in Picard is because he sees the potential he has to grasp and be the first to approach evolution towards Q (Something which ultimately comes to pass after all Good Things due to his exposure to jumping around time (left a residual change in his biological make up, a bit like Barclay and the Checkmate after he was reprogrammed).

    Q spends movie exploring the multiverse for a least impact reality that he can tweak.

    Q ultimately intercepts The Enterprise and and pushes them to system J-25 to meet the Borg as A “heads up”. Under the guise of another manipulative game to provoke the Enterprise, his real intent is to save The Federation, and give them a fighting chance, of all the multiverse of realities that could play out (which Q has observed). The bloody nose and the loss of the fleet at Wolf 359 was the “minimal impact reality).

    Picard and the Enterprise and Starfleet are never any wiser, and the full circle from Q-Who to Enterprise is completed.

    Q’s demeanour in this movie should be more serious and urgent, and it would be great to know what would have happened if Q had’nt of turned up. Guinan should be in it too.

    Regards Andrew

  10. Eric S says:

    Hello Mr DeLancie!

    I would be very interested in getting a John DeLancie GPS voice as either in character as Q (which would be awesome) or as yourself. I wish I had the funds to hire you directly for such a project (alas I do not!) but do you think this would be an endeavor worthy of your time?

  11. Alex says:

    I have watched you in star trek!

  12. Mj says:

    Peer gynt, hall of the mountain king, major cure all!

  13. Mj says:

    You are the most gregarious, vivacious, and yet so impish of all star trek characters while leaving a great imprint among your other acting roles. I love Q! I hope to see you in the new movie, perhaps a face off with Whoopi Goldberg, hmmm.

    You had to have a ball playing Q, i would have paid to play the role, but acting is ,all in the delivery, i would’ve FAILD.

    You excell at letting the audience in.

    Wish you and yours the best.

  14. Mr de Lancie;

    First off, Ever since your first appearance on Star Trek I’ve been a big fan of your work – especially your recent works on My Little Pony as Discord. You keep finding new ways to be my hero and to bring happiness into this world. Thank you.

    Second off, would you be willing to record a couple lines for a podcast intro? A group of us are trying to start up a monthly radio drama in the style of Star Trek in the 2390s and we’d all be honored if you did the opening blurb. ^_^

    Again, thank you for bringing so much light and happiness into this world. You and your characters over the years have been an inspiration.


  15. Alex Smiley says:

    I LOVE your work on star trek, both The Next Generation and Voyager

  16. Ana Wadsley says:


    I’m a big fan of your work, however, my fiancé is an even bigger fan. Q in Star Trek is by far his favorite character. We are getting married on December 19th 2015 and I was wondering if you could send an autographed picture of Q to him. This would be the greatest gift I can think of for him.

  17. There was just not enough appearances of you within the collective series, I am at this moment doing a marathon of Voyager and on ‘Death Wish’ (S2E18). Seriously just yelled ‘Yes’ once you flashed into scene.

    I really have said this for a long time. There should have been a new Star Trek Series that favors more of the Q and simply would have been called “Star Trek: Continuum” and the plot would be along the line of which when Q ( John ) requested to serve aboard a Starfleet Ship as an acting service member. I would love to see more ideas of the strange realities that could be within the Continuum.

    I would love to meet you, is there any list of upcoming conventions you might be attending?

  18. Austin doud says:

    Hi I’m a big fan of discord I really want to meet you but brony con is too expensive for us (were poor) can u help me out on that if you can I’ll be so greatful. Thank you

    P.S. discord rules

  19. Sven Bützow says:

    Hello John de Lancie !

    Thanks for keeping up the acting, to have shown up in TV-shows like Stargate, Charmed, Andromeda or Torchwood. With what actors/actresses would you like to work again if you had the choice ?

  20. Sara "Twist" G. says:

    HI John 🙂
    I hope you will he able to read this, but I still got a bit of a problem.
    I was watching a, I would say, rather old documentary on Netflix talking about Bronies, and when I started to hear Lyle’s story, I started thinking how it related to me in some ways.
    I may be female, but I still live in a place wheye people judge you for the smallset things, like watching my little pony.
    I started watching the show at around season 2 (which actually discord is my favorite character!!! <3) and as normal, I checked out the show and blaw blaw blaw, I got into that "creatives" category of Bronies.
    But I've always had a problem about telling others. 🙁
    I've always been like this since the beginning of the show,but afraid to buy merchandise and stuff so people don't figure out that I am a brony. (The only one I have is a discord Keychain)
    I've always had that dream of meeting other Bronies, going to bronycon, and even meeting people like Living TombStone, ILovKimPossiableAlot, and other well known bronies, but I can't from this more or less fear.
    I actually wanted to ask if you had any advise about it, what I can do to get over this fear. I don't wanna be the only brony I know in my school.
    Yet again, I really wish you could see this!! At least that will make me a bit happy. And if you do have advise, ANYTHING!! I would be glad to hear it 🙂
    (Tell the truth, I actually was a bit hesitant to post this thing)

  21. Johnny says:

    How would one get an autograph?
    I have no way to travel to the US, so there’s no way I can find an event.
    I would pay a ton for a Star Trek autographed picture/card …
    Oh, and while not proud of it, I do severely enjoy Discord as well.

  22. Eric Nielson says:

    Dear Mr De Lancie,

    I was raised a Star Trek fan by my single mother. As an only child, I turned to Star Trek for my concept that I still hold today of seeing the world of a place as challenges instead of seeing the world as a negative environment. I have tried to instill those same values in my daughter by starting with the old Star Trek cartoons on netflix. I was in the process of buying tickets for my mother and daughter to join me on the Star Trek Cruise in Jan. 2017, but upon making reservations I was told that you must be 13 years old to go on this cruise. I understand that it is an environment focused for adults, without some of the kid oriented things, but tell me it wouldn’t be amazing to have a 5 year old awestruck by some of the costumes there. I don’t know how much say you have, if any, for the policy of this event, however, I would greatly appreciate anything you can do to help enjoy three generations of good people enjoy a family Star Trek vacation.

    Thank you,

    Eric G. Nielson

  23. Scott says:

    Dear Mr. de Lancie,

    I just wanted to say thanks for all the wonderful work you’ve done over the years. Your role as Q got me into watching Star Trek TNG, Deep Space 9 and much more. Your role as Discord was one of the main factors of becoming a member of the Brony community. It took me a moment to realize that it was your voice for Discord, but I have to say, I’ve been hooked ever since. Along with your great role in Breaking Bad as well. I have to say that I owe a lot to you, and can happily say that Discord is my favorite reformed villain from the series. In addition, thank you for the involvement in the Brony documentary, really excellent work, and I’m happy to say you’re my favorite actor. Keep being awesome!

    Brony and Trekkie,

  24. Fischer says:

    by that I meant while saying fluttershy’s name

  25. Fischer says:

    dear Mr. discord, I thought it was quite sneaky of you to use ssllll instead of fllll in the mlp episode “make new friends but keep discord”. that’s a funny little thing that’s well hidden for the bronies to find. good thing that bronies watch the show more than little girls. awesome job, you’re my favorite character by a long way!!!!!!!!

  26. Dalton Whitehill says:

    Dear Mr. De Lancie

    Hi! My name is Dalton Whitehill im from Minnesota im sure your a busy man so ill get to the point, My girlfriend is a huge discord fan and would love nothing more then to get a Happy Birthday call from the one and only discord, Her birthday is December 19 if that helps convince you since i asked so far ahead of time.

    Please and Thank you,
    Dalton Whitehill

  27. Thomas Rainforth says:

    Dear John DeLancie,

    Recently, you were attended Everfree Northwest Convention. Due to an Unfortunate event,and being unemployed at the time,I was not able to attend the convention myself. I was a little distention that I couldn’t go, because it would have been my first convention I ever went to. Once day my friend, know as Mr. K in the Internet community offered to get me your autograph while he was at the convention. I just wanted to say thank you for signing the picture for me, from the bottom of my heart thank you. You and my friend made my hard times a lot better. I hope next year I can attend the convention, saving my hard earned pennies to go. I hope to see you there.

    Your Very Grateful Fan,
    Thomas Rainforth

  28. Glenn says:

    Does Mr de Lancie really follow this page?

    My twin 9 year old girls are *huge* fans of his Discord character! They don’t know it yet, but they will likely be going to BronyCon 2015 in Baltimore. My wife and I purchased tickets and made reservations back in February but since then, my father (their grandfather) has passed away and then my wife was diagnosed with stage 4 inoperable cancer. So thus far, their summer has been quite a drag. We’re keeping it all very quiet because my wife’s doctor believes she may be able to travel but we may not know for certain until right before we’re supposed to hit the road.

    Does anybody have any cool ideas about how we can tell them? We’re driving from the Boston area and they think we may be going to NYC, but we want to surprise them somehow and make it a very memorable event as it will probably be a once in a lifetime thing for them. The kids have never really been too far from home so the possibility of seeing the man attached to Discord’s character in another city will probably make them pass out. 🙂

  29. Juan Ricardo Rivas says:

    Dear Mr. De Lancie,
    How are you? I just wanted to say that I am a huge fan of your Discord voice. Whenever I feel sad, if I see a picture of discord, it would make me feel a lot more happy. Discord I love because he has such a fun loving attitude that makes me smile and makes me forgot about my worries at the time. Discord makes me forgot my worries at school because he is so happy, but caring to everybody, wanting to make sure people laugh with him. He really has made such an impact on my life. I get bullied at school and teased, so when I hear Discord make a joke or do something that makes me laugh, it’s like that goes to the back of my mind. He taught me to just have fun and to just let go. I know your busy too write back, but I just wanted to say that your an inspiration with the characters you voice. Have a safe and a good day.
    Juan Rivas

  30. Martin says:

    Dear Mr. de Lancie,

    I truly admire your art and I hope that we will see much of you in the future. Thank you very much for your hard work.

    My best wishes
    Martin (Germany)

  31. Dear Mr. De Lancie, The character Q you played on the Next Generation and Voyager really changed my opinion of God. I always believed in God but only as a punishing condemning God. Then after watching The Next Generation and the character Q I came to believe in a God with a sense of humor and one not easily to condemn. Thanks.

  32. CPT Eddy Cavanagh, MBA says:

    Your Facebook link is broken? It is too bad you did not take your daughter on Breaking Bad to rehab….very powerful acting!

  33. Dear Mr. de Lancie, I wanted to tell you, that see your appearance in “Breaking Bad” was awesome. I recognized you immediately. That is “Q”. I look forward to seeing you in new series. My greeting and follow well. Rosario. Argentina. (y)

  34. Sylvie Caminade Couderc says:

    Je suis française, votre mère Andrée était une cousine de ma mère et je vous ai connu petit ; je voudrais reprendre contact avec vous… Cordialement…

  35. tyler feldman says:

    dear Mr. de Lancie,

    hi my names is Tyler Feldman. I am a huge fan. especially with your discord voicing. ive watched your panel for my little pony and your just amazing. im a huge fan of my little pony and I am a very big brony lol. my dream job is to get into voice acting. I love bronycon but I am never able to go because of money issues. Ive always wanted to go to bronycon to meet you because im such a big fan. you (along with Tara Strong) are such an inspiration to me. I really would sometime love to meet you in person. thank you for your time. I hope you get this.

    your biggest fan,
    Tyler Feldman

  36. Club says:

    Thanks for all the years of entertainment. You are talented actor with a smooth voice. You portray witty, irreverent characters wonderfully. I just recently discovered the novels you wrote. Looking forward to purchasing and reading them. Be well.

  37. Happy Birthday, John!

    You met our team at Destination Star Trek in 2014 – we were the ones who sent over the bottle of wine to you and Bob.

    Hope you’re well and this birthday is a great one!

    We’ve shared our favorite Q Moments here in honor of your special day:

    ~ Khatie

  38. Lindsey says:

    *tentative knocking* Hello?

    Administrator? Someone? Anyone?

    The adoring public would like to know what JDL was been up to these past couple of years. I haven’t been able to get a confirmation that he’ll appear in SCR’s “Mr. Wolf” this spring (2015).

    Hope all is well and that we’ll hear from him soon.


  39. Mr. John De Lancie!


    My name is Chris, I am an editor for a student newspaper called the UWO gazette.

    I am writing a column on bronies and brony culture and was hoping to get in touch with someone who is involved with the show for a comment. Would it be possible to arrange an interview ?

  40. Dear Mr. De Lancie,
    My name’s Jayden Smith, Zexun Nyght is my Brony name. I’m a highschool student. Basically. I’m trying to contact you because I need help. What I’m trying to say is I hate being judged for what I like (MLP FiM) and for who I am. Most of the time I’m being bullied and made fun of. Sometimes I’m made fun of by my own family.A lot of people would call me Gay or Faggot, excuse my language. I would really love it if you could give me guidance or at least come at meet in person face-to-face to help me with this major problem. Please, I’m kind of begging, I need help. I take this bulling anymore. I feel like only you can help. You’re the kind of person who can understand my position, not even my own church will help me. They think it’s a stupid situation and they tell me to practically get over it. Please Mr. De Lancie please help. Contact me.
    – Jayden Smith

  41. Hi John De Lancie, I’m a Star Trek fan for all Genes. But I have noticed a lot of ” Q ” as a army person in my other series that was on TV, ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’, do you think Q was there to see a diffenent earth reality if we had made a cyborg in the 1970’s. Just a thought, hope you have had a great Holiday and New Year. Hoping Star Trek Online can have you do your Q voice work once more for the fans. Again have a Happy 2015.

  42. Cassandra says:

    Hi, John
    You are an incredible voice actor! I know that you’re probably busy, but I need to ask a couple of things.
    First, have you heard of “Bride of Discord”? This girl, DisneyFanatic2364, has both written it as a fanfiction and now producing it as an audio drama. BigApplePie, a Youtube user who provided the voice for Discord in the drama, has recently quit the project. Normally, I wouldn’t ask this considering your schedule, but would you consider voicing Discord for Episode 10 of “Bride of Discord”? Thankfully, it’s the last episode of the audio series. If you accept my request, DisneyFanatic2364 and I would be forever grateful…and probably excited.
    Secondly, I would like to ask this in regards to Season 5 of MLP. I know you probably won’t give spoilers, but I want to ask: does Discord cry in the next season? I know this is an unusual question, but I have this thing for seeing tough guys (cartoon, at least) cry. For me, it’s a way of seeing a more human side to them.
    Thank you very much for taking the time the read this!

  43. Dr. Mr Lancie

    My name is Emily Davis and I’m 23 years old I have Asperger’s Syndrome and I have been a brony since 2011. I really enjoy the show ’cause it’s all about friendship and this is what people need this show to be friendly to people even to nay sayers. My Element of Harmony is love to others. I hope my element will shine to all.

    Thank you Emily Davis

  44. Mr De Lancie, I have always been a fan of yours since STTNG, but I must say that watching the brony documentary put up up several steps on the cool ladder for how you went above and beyond for that young man and his parents. I admit i’m not a brony but I am a furry and while some say it is the same it really isn’t. Each fandom has it’s own sets of communities and personalities, but it’s still nice that there are places that people can go to connect and make friends, that’s what it’s all about after all. I don’t know if you have ever been asked to attend a fur con, but I hope that you would be willing/able to one day as you seem like a very level headed person and I think you would have a good time.

    But I just wanted to let you know that you have the utmost of respect from me for your kindness and generosity.


  46. Ryan says:

    Just want to say your portrayals of both Q and Discord have brought me many hours of entertainment in ways I never expected. I’ve even found myself going to youtube and enjoying the blind reaction videos of others when they realize who that voice belongs to. Though I do need to listen carefully since occasionally it gets dangerously loud.

    Thanks, Ryan.

  47. Katyasha says:

    Hello there,
    First off I love your work and I’m a huge fan from Star Trek to MLP. I hope that one day I would meet you at a con and talk about well everything under the sun from how you got your start on acting to what your plans for the future.
    I can’t wait for season 5 of MLP and hope they do a just Discord episode that would be fun to see him get into some trouble and getting out of it without the mane six finding out. LOL
    Also I heard that Enterplay the people that do the MLP:CCG is bring out in Feb of next year a Discord starter deck and booster packs for the game that would be great to see how that works out. And right now Funko has released the Discord figure so just to let you know.
    Anyway hope to see you around.


  48. Maxwell Perry says:

    Dear Emperor De Lancie,
    My name is Maxwell Perry. I am a 14 year old kid that has the crazy dream to become a voice actor and I would like to ask you if you had any time for an interview for my schools youth radio show called youth spin. We are one of the five youth radio groups in america and we would be extremely happy, probably to the point of crying, to talk to you. I do live in Texas so face to face might be near impossible for you, so maybe we could work something out over email.
    Please respond as soon as possible Sincerely,
    Maxwell Perry

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