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14 Comments to “Contact”

  1. Taz says:

    Great to have you aboard Sir for the Ayreon live shows. See ya in september!

    Greetz Taz

  2. Greg Carlson says:

    So John,
    What’s up with all these Q twitter posts that are supposedly coming from a White House insider? We all know they’re coming from you. These posts are nothing but jiberish and nonsensical riddles, reminicent of the dialogue spoken by the character you so magnificently played on Star Trek TNG. What is it? Are you licensing all the Q tee shirts and other paraphernalia being sold to these Trump supporters?
    Time to come clean, John.

  3. Dear John…

    I’ve been watching Star Trek for 30 years now… since I was 5. And I have reached my final verdict. Your Q is my most beloved of all characters.
    You deserve a lifetime achievement award.

    Kind regards,

  4. Denis Deasy says:

    Denis Deasy Jr
    27 Webster Close
    Surrey KT22 0SF
    Hi John, I like Discord. He is a great character. I watch My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic every day on Tiny Pop, because of my autism. Discord maybe reformed just like me back in my past school years. but, he is funny. Keep up the good work.
    Best wishes and regards,
    Denis Deasy Jr. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Greg Carlson says:

    We all know that you are Q of Qanon. Time to come clean.

  6. Steven Roussos says:

    Are you game??? ๐Ÿ™‚ I imagine the opening of Patrick Stewart’s upcoming new Picard/Trek series: An a idyllic French vineyard, insects buzzing, birds singing… We move through the vines toward the house, and lovingly through the garden passing flowers and finally lingering ominously on a rose’s thorns. Inside we find an aged Picard napping in a chair, troubled, mumbling and twitching, and we enter his dream/nightmare of adventures with Q in bygone days. He suddenly startles awake and looks up, his face changing to pure astonishment. The camera slowly pans round as music swells, and there in another chair is a slyly smiling Q himself who says: “Hello Old Friend.” He leans in… “Ready for more?” Music peaks, cut to opening theme/ titles.

  7. Katheryn S says:

    Hope you enjoy this. It’s a story I still tell friends. During the time Star Trek TNG was still on I visited my parents in the town where I grew up, South Pasadena and went to the little Japanese restaurant where we’d always go on the main drag. I got there just before the dinner crowd and was concentrating on my dinner so I only noticed it got busy. I finally looked up and you were having dinner with a group of friends right next to me. My immediate thought was, “Well, that Q is certainly omnipotent.” I didn’t want to be a bother so I probably turned red and went back to dinner. It felt exactly like Trek-esque reality discontinuity!

  8. E Net Arch says:

    Dear Mr. de Lancie,

    Thank you for discussing what it takes to become a “Media Professional”, at the Star Trek: TNG 30th Anniversary Reunion Full Panel – Front Row – August 4, 2017,, time index 1:15:51 – 1:18:22.

    I was wondering if you every revisited that issue in a studio setting, and if the video of such a recording was available.

    I ask, as it eloquently describes just about every profession, not just being a media professional. I for example, am a programmer. And, no matter where I am, no matter how my day is going, I can always find something to program. Or, read something new about programming.

    But, back to my wish. If you have it, would you forward a link to the video. If there isn’t such a video, would you please make one.

    Best wishes,

    E Net Arch

  9. Rob says:

    Thank you for sharing your talent with the world

  10. Greetings Mr. Lancie,

    I first watched ST: TNG on national television when I was a school boy here in Pakistan. For us, it was as a phenomenon as it was for viewers in US. We watched it, here in Pakistan, with same awe as people did in US. By far and most, it was my one of all time favourites. The technology, and even the concept of travelling through stars, visiting planets liveable or not; it was all a roller coaster ride, sir. Your character was unique in sense that it had humour, wisdom and professionalism attached to it. Every character in that show was a perfect fit for their roles but yours was the best of all. A godly creature ‘Q’, capable of doing virtually and literally everything and I mean everything. Your appearances were rather random over different episodes yet were charming and added colour and flavour to the show. Although, the show was never boring with so much happening but it couldn’t have been what it was without you, sir. I certainly would wish to see you in some other ST type show.


  11. Sheila says:

    Hello Mr. De Lancie.

    I’m rather late to the party but have just finished watching your “Legend” series. It was fantastic. The writing was marvelous, especially the banter between Bartok and Pratt and numerous Bartok inventions.
    And I loved your deadpan line delivery.
    I think my favourite episode was Wild Bill Hickock with its eye chart and free glasses case. The balloon drone was forward thinking even for 1995.

    Thanks again for a fun body of work!

  12. Kado Covnot says:

    Hi Mr DeLancie. My name is Kado, im from CO. My boyfriend and I are both big fans of MLP and yourself. Sadly I did only find out about you through MLP, but he’s been a fan of yours from when you played Q from Star Trek. Well, we just had our 2 year anniversary and I wanted to do something special for him. When I graduated High School, my mom emailed some of my favorite voice actors and even my childhood idol, and they actually replied with special messages for me. I was hoping to do the same for him since he’s been having kind of a hard time lately. I understand that you’re a very busy man, but if you could take 5 minutes of your precious time to give him some words of encouragement, id be forever in your debt. Discord is definitely in my Top 3 favorite MLP characters, so having someone as sweet and amazing as yourself to give those words of encouragement, I feel that would light a fire under him and inspire him to continue to be amazing like yourself. I hope you see this message. We love ya!
    -Kado and Emery

    Ps, this would be a total surprise. He has no Idea about this.

  13. Lea Nagelberg says:

    John you’re an excellent actor keep up the excellent work i love your acting sweetie you’re a very classy man hope you come up to toronto to perform in a show one day have a lovely upcoming spring same to your family Xo Lea

  14. Gene Daffue says:

    Hey there.

    You probably get this all the time, but I really admire your work. Grew up with Star Trek. But(and I am sure that you must be tired of hearing this) I love you as Discord. There is something about how you portray him that I just connected with. Again, you must have heard this a million times. Just wanted to let you know that there is one more person out there that appreciates what you do and who’s life you have impacted.

    I was recently diagnosed with Bipolar, anxiety and ADHD and Discord was one of the things that helped me cope and grow.I likened his “instability” to my own. The way he has to tone things down in order to connect with others and do his best to compromise with those whom he cares about without losing who he really is.

    Thanks you.

    Warm regards from South Africa


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