The following pictures of John de Lancie on this page are placed in the public domain, and they may be used in any manner without further attribution or notice to the creator.

John De Lancie at the Opera

John De Lancie - Opera Picture

John De Lancie Casual Attire

John De Lancie - Casual Attire

John De Lancie

John De Lancie - Acting Picture


To the extent possible under law,

John De Lancie

has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to these Pictures of John De Lancie.
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@johndelancie my family is disrespecting my Bronyism and vegetarianism. Should I respect them if they won't respect me?
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_SoundAround_Sound Around
@johndelancie Rashmi Tailor visiting Los Angeles 11-03-14 - Set Appointment 2 get Bespoke Suit & Shirt @ best priceĀ
24 hours ago from Hootsuite
SYFGrandmaCaitlin Bree
@LittleMissVigor @JGraison @BQQuinn @johndelancie Lol, Q, Brian, Quinn. Normally what I say.
1 day ago from Twitter for Android
LittleMissVigorLittle Miss Vigor
@SYFGrandma @JGraison @BQQuinn @johndelancie Nah, I don't call him Q, I always call him Brian :)
1 day ago from Twitter Web Client
SYFGrandmaCaitlin Bree
@LittleMissVigor @JGraison @BQQuinn @johndelancie Don't you mean: Only Brian as Q?
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