Quantum Conundrum features de Lancie’s voice

Quantum ConundrumQuantum Conundrum, the upcoming first-person action video game currently in development by Airtight Games, will feature the voice talent of John de Lancie, who takes the lead role as an eccentric scientist and inventor named Professor Fitz Quadwrangle, the uncle of the main protagonist of the game, a quiet 12-year-old boy

“The professor’s character is funny, a bit bizarre, and a great joy to perform,” said de Lancie of Professor Quadwrangle. “If players have half as much fun with the game as I did playing the character, then they’ll be having a great time.”

In the game, players take the role of the young kid who visits the mansion laboratory belonging to his uncle, an explosion occurs as a result of a failed experiment, causing the professor to disappear. The boy then discovers the Inter-Dimensional Shift Device, a special glove with the power to change dimensions, which he decides to use to find out what happened to his uncle.

Quantum Conundrum, developed by Airtight Games and from the mind of Portal co-creator, Kim Swift, will be released this summer on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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