John de Lancie Guest Star of IN PLAIN SIGHT

Season 4 of IN PLAIN SIGHT which premieres on Sunday, May 1st at 10/9C, as announced by USA Network, stars Mary McCormack as Mary Shannon, a U.S. Marshal working in the highly secretive branch of the witness protection program (WITSEC), who relocates Federal Witnesses, most of whom fall into three categories: career criminals, whistle-blowers or innocents who had the misfortune of witnessing a crime.

They all have one thing in common – someone wants them dead. Mary’s job is to see that doesn’t happen, while at the same time attempting to manage her own dysfunctional family.

IN PLAIN SIGHT also stars Frederick Weller, Nichole Hiltz and Paul Ben-Victor. Besides John de Lancie, the guest stars for season 4 are Josh Malina, Bradley Whitford, Rachel Boston, and Ali Marsh, among others.

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1 Comment to “John de Lancie Guest Star of IN PLAIN SIGHT”

  1. ~Paula says:

    Mr. De Lancie,
    Just seen the aired episode from In Plain Sight “Crazy Like a Witness” and NO One plays ‘bad-ass’ like you. Great job! And, congrats on Torchwood guest star role, too. I’m a Whovian actually, but watch Torchwood more so to see the Whovians there, but looking forward to your appearance.

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Friend says @johndelancie's lipstick in Farpoint was ???????? more of an eyeliner fan myself.
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We were so excited for the premiere. I admit to a certain weakness for @johndelancie's episodes.
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@StarTrek_DST is going to release final guest line up tomorrow, please please please be @NanaVisitor @johndelancie and @reneauberjonois ????
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Really hope StarCraft II's next campaign DLC is about Alarak. Just want to see more of @johndelancie reveling in his own evilness :D
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@johndelancie There are singing discord I am sweety and your other.
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