World premiere of “Recreator”

The creators of the film “Recreator” announced two more screenings of the movie following its Aug. 19 world premiere at The Wild Center.

“Recreator” was filmed in and around Tupper Lake last fall by writer, director and producer Gregory Orr and his crew.

The Wild Center screening, which is going to benefit Adirondack Residents Intent on Saving Their Economy, is nearly sold out, Orr said, and they are considering a second screening that night if there is enough demand.

The movie will be shown at the State Theater on Park Street in Tupper Lake on Aug. 20.

“I’m so happy we can show it,” State Theater owner Sally Strasser said in a press release. “I watched them film a scene right outside on Park Street, and now here I am a year later projecting it in our theater.”

It will also be screened at the Palace Theater on Main Street in Lake Placid. A date is still being firmed up, but T.J. Brearton of the Adirondack Film Society, which is sponsoring the release, told producers the film should open at the same time there.

The sci-fi adventure film is about three teens who accidentally create stronger, faster, smarter versions of themselves on a camping trip, and their duplicates plot to kill them and take over their lives. It features Stella Maeve, who recently played Sandy West in the Joan Jett biopic “The Runaways” alongside Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, and John de Lancie.

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