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3 Comments to “Poems”

  1. Renee Guill says:

    Ok, not sure if I can post here, but I just had to give it a shot. I was so bummed I couldn’t see Mr. Wolf when it was in Cleveland. So, I made a tribute poem, and afraid I’m just an amateur poet. lol
    Tribute to John De Lancie:
    John De Lancie, is an actor who I really admire,
    When ever he acts he’s on fire, wether he plays an omnipotent Q, or on stage in full view, he knows how to make you laugh and cry, watching him gives me a high, I know he is not exactly young, but to see him is always fun, I hope he never quits, when that time comes, I will have many fits. Thank you Mr. De Lancie, for giving us many movies to fancy, hoping you know you have many fans, And to see you as Q again would be Grand. Hey a girl can dream can’t she, I hope you have many more years, please

  2. I, Q was great. You are great. I want to work with good people on good stories and try to make those stories a little better. I idolize you and to work with you or assist you in any way would be an absolute honor. You may e-mail me back if you feel so inclined, ELaughterII@Gmail.com

  3. Dear god, you’re me, aren’t you?!?

    IF that’s the case. Then you should know where I am heading to go to sleep right about now. Any pointers to give?

    If not, then I expect to get dismissed as being a crazy.

    I’m cool with that. Don’t respond accordingly, please.

    And by the way, where are the poems? I was looking for some pretty awesome poetry by this man named .. John….

    I know ya’s got it in ya.

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cipherhouseCheshire Kat+Glitch
you know @johndelancie you learned of the word quantuptillion from me and your encounter with me involving yourself in mortal affairs aliens
5 hours ago from Twitter Web Client
shutupwesleypodShutUpWesley Podcast
This week we review the TNG episode Q Who, starring @johndelancie and the lovely @lycianaff! Worf's in a Name? https://t.co/SwvCJ9cuqo
22 hours ago from Twitter Web Client
Andrey_SlepovAndrey Slepov
@johndelancie dear John de Lancie, you will visit RuBronyCon in Russia? :3
23 hours ago from Twitter Web Client
MythrilMothMythril Moth
Fanfic lines I'd love to hear @johndelancie say: "I'm sorry, Twilight. It's one of those wax-on wax-off things, I'm sure you understand."
1 day ago from TweetDeck
JLDickhardJean-Luc Dickhard
Just so you know, Q @johndelancie, I will be keeping a close eye on you to make sure you don't start any trouble ab… https://t.co/XwsFGqJqs7
2 days ago from Twitter Web Client
AdVictoriam111Commonwealth Courier
@alt_kellyanne_ @RogueInformant @ALT_USCIS @johndelancie Me too. I enjoy watching it with my tiny human. ^_^
3 days ago from Twitter Web Client